About Alun

Let me introduce myself, I am Alun, Alun Barrett.

When I am asked “what do you do?”  I generally squirm a bit and manage to change the direction of the conversation such that the inquisitor talks more about them.  Not because I am shy, or I think it is not of interest, merely because when I say “I am a Facilitator” it begs more questions.

What I do is;

  • I work with individuals and groups to help them stay on track and achieve their objectives and desired outcomes.
  • I create learning opportunities for individuals and groups of people.
  • I work with businesses to make communication clear, concise and unambiguous.


I work with businesses to support where they want to get to.  Invariably the business wants their people to deliver extraordinary results.  As a rule they have the capacity or the potential but the results are not there.  I will work with a business to identify the barriers and overcome them, change the way people think and release the potential.  What is more I will challenge the business to make the results measurable.

I work with teams to develop the way they work to increase performance.  Facilitating teams to get them into sustainable action quickly.  Helping them define what they do and where they are going.  Changing thinking and challenging the normal way things are done. Making change sustainable and the results measurable.

I work with individuals to make progress easier.  Developing management and communication skills Coaching presenters for specific presentations making them as effective as they can be.  Coaching individuals to improve performance and increase impact.  Raising awareness of others and making communication effective.   Helping them define what success will look and feel like.