Brought up in Holyport, Berkshire, UK.  After education Alun worked in Outdoor Education Centres throughout the UK.

In 1987 Alun took a position as Manager of a large Retail and Wholesale business selling Watersports equipment.  At the time he was also personally sponsored for International Freestyle Whitewater Kayaking which took him to festivals and events in Europe and expeditions to various parts of the world.

A couple of years later Alun capitalised on his experience and qualifications and went self-employed as a Freelance Facilitator / Trainer working on Team and Management Development programmes using the outdoors.  This lead to designing and delivering programmes for his own clients and Unique Solutions was born.

Through Unique Solutions Alun developed a wealth of experience working with different companies and sectors.  Understanding the business challenges of a client has been key to Alun’s success and that of Unique Solutions.  Alun is still an active Associate of Unique Solutions, after all there is little point in reinventing the wheel.

Over the years Alun has tackled a number of projects outside work including:

  • Studying Human Circus Performance at Fooltime Circus School in Bristol.
  • Renovation and Conversion of a derelict slaughter house into a home in Derbyshire.
  • A Project in the Pyrenees with his wife, Breezy, renovating an old Bergerie in the mountains.

Now Alun splits his time between his house in Derbyshire, the Project in the Pyrenees and Chamonix Mont Blanc where his wife runs a Catered Chalet for the winter months.

Alun is still a keen rock climber and telemark skier.