Belbin Team Roles

Belbin Team RolesDr Meredith Belbin conducted extensive studies involving successful and unsuccessful teams competing in Business Games at Henley Management Centre, England.  Managers taking part in the exercise were tested on a range of psychometric instruments and placed into teams made up in a variety of ways.

Ultimately nine different clusters of behaviour, or “Team Roles”, were identified as underlying the success of teams.

“The value of team-role theory lies in enabling an individual or team to benefit from self knowledge and adjust according to the demands being made by the external situation.”

~ Dr Meredith Belbin

So what are the 9 “team roles” and which one am I?

Firstly I would emphasise that this tool is based on a “self perception” inventory or questionnaire, and “observer’s perception” inventory or questionnaire.  The intention is not to place people in a box or categorise team members. Indeed a person can score highly for a number of the roles.

The Roles are: (click on the table to enlarge)

Belbin Team Roles

The Team Roles Theory is backed up with research and pamphlets helping individuals understand the roles and how to apply the theory.

So what application does the theory have?

  • Team Roles as a Self-Awareness Tool
  • Team Roles as a Tool for Teambuilding & Team Development
  • Team Roles as a Tool for Effective Staff Selection & Recruitment
  • Team Roles in Workplace Design
  • Team Roles as a Tool for Career Development
  • Team Roles as a Tool for Leadership & Management Development